DigiQuery, the hands-on consultancy company

supporting entrepreneurs and their employees to thrive,
combining best practices from the corporate world
while preserving the agility needed for a fast-growing company.
  • businessevolution
  • agility
  • valuecreation
  • mentoring

Scale Business

Expand in – country and abroad, diversify clients portfolio, forge smart partnerships

Increase Efficiency

Identify areas of improvement, maximize resource utilization, design effective controls.

Grow People

Build resilient, empowered teams, bring up the best out of every member.

Unique methodology



An array of over 100 microservices

Mix & Match

You can choose and combine

Tailored to you

According to your company needs

Doina Binig

Strategy Advisor
Transformation Coach
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Dania Șelaru

Management Advisor
Sales Coach
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Irina Vijoli

Business Growth Advisor
Digital Transformation Expert
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Our vision is a continuously evolving business community,
supporting value creation to the benefit of both companies and their people