4 days upskill program for tech sales

08-11 august 2024

The promise: Rapid transition to value added engagements

Why attend?

Do you struggle to meet your sales goals?

Do you struggle to generate and advance your pipeline?

Do you have hopeful client conversations only to end in complete silence and unresponsiveness?

Are you clients unpredictable?

Does your quarterly forecast go down in flames few days before cutoff?

Are you having a hard time convincing your bosses/peers to support your customer offer?

The promise

Sales experience sharing from 2 business professionals worth 40 years of experience. Our promise is to share everything we know to enable you and your teams to sell like big players. And even compete shoulder to shoulder with them, starting now.

Understand what a sales mindset is

Become more relevant in your organization by selling more

Upsell and cross-sell in existing accounts for more profitable business

Fast track to success and new opportunities

Turn into a versatile sales professional – consultative and transactional, hunter or farmer

Improve your presentation and negotiation skills

Sell more, sell faster

Peer learning

Sales tool kit – validated templates to use immediately

Sell to enterprise accounts

Get the knowledge to build an effective, autonomous and predictable sales team

Learn the systematic process to achieve your sales targets

Upsell and cross-sell in existing accounts for more profitable business

Build fixed price proposals

Monitor and control sales activity and objectives for better predictability

Ensure proactive corrective actions to reach targets

Peer learning

Learn how to grow your deal pipeline

Sales tool kit – validated templates to use immediately


Dania Șelaru

Management Advisor

Sales Coach

Irina Vijoli

Business Growth Advisor

Strategic Sales Expert

Purpose and Objectives. What will you learn?

The primary goal of the program is to enable salespeople to sell independently and successfully with minimal management intervention.

Gain a common understanding of successful sales behaviours, responsibilities and objectives of the salesperson's role.

Practice the ability to prepare a business case, TCO, and ROI.

Understand current IT trends and how solutions you will craft leverage these new technological waves.

Develop skills to present an offer to decision-makers.

Acquire the ability to manage sales processes specific to various industries and client types, with a focus on Romanian clients' behaviour

Practice negotiating techniques to support the commercial offer and close the contract, understanding that the salesperson is responsible for this process.

Learn the stages of the sales process and understand the logic behind each step.

Develop common sales discipline tools: opportunity pipeline, forecast, opportunity plan and account plan.

Who should attend?

Account Managers

Account Manager/Executive

Sales Manager

Sales Consultant

Pre-Sales Engineer

Business Development Manager

Customer Success Manager

Sales Team Leaders

Why is our program different?

Delivered by business professionals

Incorporates practical knowledge from salespeople who

Integrates concepts from psychology



8-11 August


Bucharest, details to be announced

Module Outline

Personal style


To differentiate from other salespeople in the market in front of clients and prospects.


Discuss how individuals sell before professionals sell. It is important to define and promote oneself in the most comfortable manner. Discuss various personality styles and salesperson profiles. Discuss how to sell yourself to the client and within your organization, and the importance of having the right mindset to perform.

Job Description of the Salesperson


To comply with the job description.


Review the salesperson's responsibilities, clarifying that they are responsible for long-term client relationships, customer satisfaction, reporting issues to management, positioning themselves between the client and the organization, and finding win-win collaboration formulas.

Business and Personal Objectives


To self-motivate for achieving objectives.


Once defined as a person and understanding responsibilities, we aim to understand why we do what we do and how to align business objectives with personal goals for maximum motivation (e.g., for commission, learning, recognition, promotion, etc.).



To understand how to model mindset for change.


Discussion on growth mindset and courage.

IT Trends


To lead a high-level discussion on IT trends.


Discuss and detail IT trends: AI, Cloud, IoT, Big Data Analytics, etc., and AI sales tools.

Client Types


To understand the purchasing behaviour of large clients.


Review a typical organizational chart of a large client, understand the key stakeholders, and the business objectives of each (e.g., CEO, CIO, Sales, Procurement, etc.).

Account Plan


To plan the development of business relationships with important accounts.


Create a template for an account plan to be used at the start of the financial year for planning actions with the respective client and increasing transparency and collaboration in the bidding team.

Sales Process Stages


To execute the sales process.


Describe a standard sales process based on Hubspot.



To understand when to engage company resources for a client offer.


Discuss client motivations for projects, understand when clients may not want to work with your company, and the need for data to understand if the project is real and if you are given a fair chance. Discuss company capabilities, differentiators, competition, and winning strategy.

Opportunity Plan


To plan the winning of an opportunity.


Discuss how to use an opportunity plan and why it is important for winning a deal.

Offer Preparation


To manage the preparation of a complex offer.


Work on an offer template, clarify roles and responsibilities in the bidding process, and how the salesperson should lead the bidding team (RACI). Go into details on commercial aspects: pricing, currency risks, financing, risk transfer to subcontractors, penalties, damages, and preparing documents like business case, TCO, and ROI.

Contract Preparation


To understand a contract and correctly involve responsible functions for its finalization.


Learn essential contract terms (confidentiality, penalties, damages, deliverables, prices, termination, etc.) and the responsibilities of different T&Cs in the contract. Understand that salespeople are best suited to manage this negotiation and it is not a legal task. Review important aspects to be seriously negotiated and aspects that can be easily conceded.

Pipeline and Forecast


To manage the project pipeline and forecast to achieve objectives.


Establish that the salesperson manages their opportunity pipeline and is responsible for transmitting a realistic forecast. Discuss how investments and shareholder decisions rely on the forecast, different forecasting methods, and their advantages and disadvantages (e.g., pessimistic, realistic, optimistic).

Supporting the Offer


To present to business decision-makers.


The prepared offer from the previous point will be transferred into a PowerPoint presentation, and each participant will present it to various stakeholders. Emphasize developing presentation skills.

Offer Negotiation


To negotiate offers and handle objections.


Revisit commercial aspects from the bidding phase and discuss ways clients might negotiate your offer. Understand counter-objection techniques and methods to respond to various types of objections.

The delivery time for each module is from 10:00 to 18:00.


Advance payment: 50%

Minimum number of participants: 6

Maximum number of participants: 20

300 EUR

1 Module

250 EUR

600 EUR

2 Modules

450 EUR

900 EUR

3 Modules

635 EUR

1200 EUR

4 Modules

800 EUR

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