Efficient Manager to Inspirational Leader

A leadership development program integrating essential concepts of business, neuroscience and psychology to rapidly enhance organizational performance and well-being

About the Program

Leader in Progress is a comprehensive managerial and leadership development program providing participants with fundamental concepts on business growth and team leadership. Our program incorporates extensive business and consulting experience, along with principles from neuroscience and psychology, that facilitates understanding behaviors and their motivations.

We combine team training sessions, individual mentoring, personalized business consulting and experiential activities to develop 18 essential managerial competencies

Program benefits

Flexibility and Customatization

18 business competencies

combined into 3 modules:
1. Managing the Business
2. Self-Management
3. Management of Others

Monthly team training sessions

6, 12 or 18 sessions scheduled flexibly throughout the program period

Individual mentoring

recurring throughout the entire period, to deepen and practice taught concepts

2 days teambuilding

Optionally, midway through the course period we include a unique, practical and relaxing leadership session using horses*

Mix & Match

You have the freedom to select and combine the topics, number of trainings and mentoring hours to build the best learning experience for your team.

Individual mentoring

Best practices and scenarios from your field of activity for quick results.

Expertise and Commitment

70+ years of experience & 5,000+ hours delivered

Cummulating over 70 years of combined practical experience in management and leadership, DigiQuery's three founders have leveraged their expertise to provide over 5,000 hours of Sparring Partner services to clients in the past 3 years, including consultancy, mentoring, coaching, and training.

Some of our clients

Our vision is a continuously evolving business community, supporting value creation to the benefit of both companies and their people

For entrepreneurial companies

Leader in Progress is the right program for you if:

You need to internally develop managerial expertise

to grow your business

You lack an integrated internal program

for training and developing managers

You feel that your team members need a hands-on practical training program,

to help them improve their day-to-day performance

You have promoted to management roles

team members with technical backgrounds and you plan to further support their development

You support an internal culture based on collaboration, responsibility, and commitment

to foster the continuous development of the management team

Program objectives

Developing management teams towards more capable and independent units,

functioning effectively without constant oversight from the CEO

Improving the performance of both top and middle management

by mastering the most important business concepts and applying them in daily practice

Growing leadership skills

to motivate teams and retain valuable employees within the organization

Topics Covered

The innovative structure of the program allows for a tri-dimensional development of the leader.

Managing the business


Managing others

Tailored format for each company

Hybrid format - on-site and online

Customized blend of training, mentoring, business consulting, and experiential learning events

Delivery team

DigiQuery's three founders are personally delivering the program. Each of them has extensive integrated experience in consulting training, coaching, and mentoring in management and leadership.

Doina Binig

Strategy Consultant.

Certified Coach.


Dania Șelaru

Management Consultant.

Sales Coach. MBA

Irina Vijoli

Management Consultant.

Business Growth Advisor.



Leader in Progress is a program built using inputs from both top-level teams of a few individuals and middle-management teams with dozens of members. Performance is achievable at any level and for any type of company, so we have designed three packages to cover different areas of needs. Each client is unique so our offers are always personalized, accommodating different needs and expectations


Business training for the team

4-6 hours

Individual coaching and mentorship


Personalized management consulting

Experiential learning activity with horses


Business training for the team

4-6 hours

Individual coaching and mentorship


Personalized management consulting


Experiential learning activity with horses


Business training for the team

4-6 hours

Individual coaching and mentorship


Personalized management consulting

On request

Experiential learning activity with horses

*All workshops, regardless of the chosen package, can be customized and scheduled throughout the duration of the program.

Why is this program unique?

Practical and comprehensive development experience

Training sessions combined with mentoring and teambuilding

Customized program for each business partner

Integrates neuroscience and psychology fundamentals alongside business knowledge to decode and improve attitudes, beliefs and behaviours

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