The ten universal values – mid 50% in Romania

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This post follows up on my last article that is related to the Universal Values theory developed by Shalom Shwartz. We learned that Romania scores in the top 25% of the European countries at achievement, power and conformity.  
We move forward and we find Romania scoring in the middle 50% of the reviewed countries for only two values: tradition and security. This leaves five values for the bottom 25% which will be surely very interesting to comment in a future article! 

Coming back to tradition and security, the motivations behind these values are: 

Security - safety, harmony, and stability of society, of relationships, and of self. 

Tradition -respect, commitment, and acceptance of the customs and ideas that one’s culture or religion provides.  

These findings apply to us as a nation.

Declining these findings to the business environment, I would tend to state that tradition lacks completely, as doing business is only a 30 years old activity in Romania, this is just a bit more than a generation and you need more generations to build traditions in any area of human interactions.

As of security, what I have noticed is that many employees look for safety, indeed, but not necessarily for harmony and stability of the society/group. I would say that this is more a selfish need than one aimed to protect the group.

My biggest hope is that the younger employees are genuinely more inclined to cooperate and work in groups, while being driven by the desire to thrive and less by the fear of lacking safety.