Universal Values in Romanian culture – summary

This picture summarizes my last three posts on the Ten Universal Values by Shalom Shwartz. Twenty-five European countries were studied based on these values and we found out how Romania scores in comparison to the rest of the nations.

These values are placed under four categories that describe natural predispositions for human beings: self-enhancement, self-transcendence, conservation and openness to change. These predispositions also coexist in real life with a degree of conflict with each other.

The story told by the the picture is us is that Romanians are:

  • more inclined toward individual accomplishment and welfare,
  • also towards preserving the current order,
  • with low interest for the greater than-self wellbeing and,
  • equally low disposition to make a significant effort to change the status-quo.

Based on these insights, some things that we might consider when doing business in Romania could be:

  • When trying to motivate people, be sure that the individual benefits are clear;
  • Any change process will be challenged in implementation, so you need to be determined, consistent and diligent;
  • When motivating a group of people to reach a common goal, make sure there is a clear understanding of both gains and responsibilities, follow-up closely on the progress and don’t assume that the group will self-manage.