The team leader – engine of growth or blocking factor?


Most of those reading this article will remember the NASA tagline, “Failure is not an option,” a phrase that is very often used in the business world these days. As human beings and involved participants in the business environment, our resentment of failure is high. As a result, we strive to avoid it at all […]

Romania in the Inglehart-Welzel cultural map

Look at where Romania is placed! In the quadrant of traditional and survival values, closer to India than to Germany and closer to Peru than to the Netherlands. They say a picture is worth 1.000 words. Well, this picture is worth 10.000 words for me. Let’s understand the graph. Horizontally, we see the degree in which survival […]

Universal Values in Romanian culture – summary

This picture summarizes my last three posts on the Ten Universal Values by Shalom Shwartz. Twenty-five European countries were studied based on these values and we found out how Romania scores in comparison to the rest of the nations. These values are placed under four categories that describe natural predispositions for human beings: self-enhancement, self-transcendence, conservation […]

The ten universal values – bottom 25% in Romania

For the remaining 5 out of the 10 universal values proposed by Shalom Shwartz and reviewed in our latest posts, Romanian people score in the bottom 25% of the 25 European countries that were evaluated.  The values we cover here are: universalism, benevolence, stimulation, hedonism and self-direction.The low score can be interpreted as a low […]

To delegate or not to delegate

If you want to become a successful leader, you need to learn when and how to efficiently delegate to your employees, according to their strengths, your needs and the best interest of the company. Yes, you need to make that strategic step from “doing” to “leading”, meaning a shift in your mentality, in the trust […]

Inefficient delegating styles

From my experience, when talking about delegation and managers, things are more complex than they look. As a good leader, you should understand the level of delegation, support and communication you need to provide to your employees. A common pitfall is failing to set up a clear authority transfer and the associated boundaries. Remember that […]

5 things to do in February for a great December

5 things to do in February for a great December  I don’t know if you had this feeling but, for us, at least, it seemed like almost everybody started to work this year no sooner than January 10th. The extra 2 weeks vacation was great as it gave us the opportunity to rest and spend […]

The ten universal values – mid 50% in Romania

This post follows up on my last article that is related to the Universal Values theory developed by Shalom Shwartz. We learned that Romania scores in the top 25% of the European countries at achievement, power and conformity.  We move forward and we find Romania scoring in the middle 50% of the reviewed countries for only […]

The ten universal human values – a business interpretation

We look from many angles when we want to better understand the psychology of a person. The same if we are analyzing a nation, as we do in these articles.   After reviewing Hoefstede’s dimensions in my previous posts, let’s move forward and look at an interesting proposal from Shalom Schwartz. He has defined a set of ten universal human values (that can also be understood as basic needs), underlying and driving the way we […]

Hoftede’s cultural dimensions of the Romanian people – infographic

Here is a visual summary of the series of articles “Science based tactics for leading teams in Romania”, posted over the last two months In few words, Romanians tend to:– avoid uncertainty– rely on powerful people– not stand out from the crowd– look for consensus– balance short-term and long-term orientation Some of these psychological traits […]